Graphics & Geometry Group

Hot Topics in Computer Graphics

Lecturer: Mario Botsch
Seminar: Mon, 16-18, CITEC 1.314
eKVV: 392121
Credits: 3 points


In this seminar, which is mainly intended for PhD and Master students, we build on all the lectures offered by our group and discuss the latest state-of-the-art papers in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling.


We will discuss recent papers of ACM SIGGARPH, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, Eurographics, SGP and other similar conferences.


Tentative Schedule & Papers

Week Paper
Rusinkiewicz, "A Symmetric Objective Function for ICP", SIGGRAPH 2019
Thaler et al., "The Influence of Visual Perspective on Body Size Estimation in Immersive Virtual Reality", SAP 2019
Alexa, "Harmonic Triangulations", SIGGRAPH 2019.