Graphics & Geometry Group

Welcome to the Computer Graphics & Geometry Processing group! We are part of the Center for Cognitive Interaction Technoloy CITEC and the Faculty of Technology at Bielefeld University. The group was founded in 2008 and is headed by Prof. Mario Botsch.

In Computer Graphics, we are interested in real-time visualization of complex scenes and models, e.g., in the context of Virtual Reality. In Geometry Processing, we work on 3D-scanning, mesh optimization, shape deformation, and physics-based dynamic simulation. Please see our research pages and publication list for further details.

Students can find more information about our educational activities in the list of offered courses and seminars and announcements of possible Bachelor and Master thesis topics.

Interactive Shape Deformation

News & Announcements

We are offering a two-year post-doc position (100%, TV-L E13) in an interesting research collaboration with the Honda Research Institute Europe. Here are the details.

20 Mar 2020

An example of our interactive eLearning slides can be found here

19 Mar 2020

We released version 1.2 of PMP, our polygon mesh processing library:

15 Mar 2020

Mario will give a keynote a Shape Modeling International 2020 in Strasbourg.

07 Feb 2020

Our paper on Polygon Laplacians has been accepted at Eurographics 2020. Source code will be available soon.

03 Feb 2020

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