Graphics & Geometry Group

Hot Topics in Computer Graphics

Lecturer: Martin Komaritzan
Seminar: Mon, 16-18, CITEC 1.314
eKVV: 392121
Credits: 3 points


In this seminar, which is mainly intended for PhD and Master students, we build on all the lectures offered by our group and discuss the latest state-of-the-art papers in Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling.


We will discuss recent papers of ACM SIGGARPH, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, Eurographics, SGP and other similar conferences.


Tentative Schedule & Slides

Week Topic/Paper
16 Ostern
17 DeepGarment : 3D Garment Shape Estimation from a Single Image
18 Tag der Arbeit
19 Guided Learning of Control Graphs for Physics-Based Characters
20 Fast and Robust Inversion-Free Shape Manipulation
21 Sparse Inertial Poser: Automatic 3D Human Pose Estimation from Sparse IMUs
22 -
23 Pfingsten
24 -
25 ClothCap: Seamless 4D Clothing Capture and Retargeting
26 A Memetic Evolutionary Algorithm for Real-Time Articulated Kinematic Motion