Graphics & Geometry Group

Computer Animation

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Mario Botsch
Assistants: Jan Philip Göpfert
Lecture: Tue, 10-12, Room U2-147
Exercise: Thu, 10-12, Room U2-147
eKVV: 392129
Credits: 5 points


Computer Animation is a very attractive topic in Computer Graphics, where boring static objects are "brought to life". In this lecture we will discuss two stages of animation: character animation and physics-based simulation.

Application areas for these methods range from interactive computer games to complex special effects in movie productions. In contrast to mechanical engineering, the goal of our simulations will not be numerical accuracy, but efficient and robust computations and implementations.

In the exercises students will implement most of the techniques we discuss in this course. To allow for larger and more interesting programming assignments, the exercises are structured into three mini-projects. Our tutors have consulting hours each week, where students can get help if they have trouble with the implementation. At the end of each mini-project, students will present their results in the exercise course.


Tentative Schedule & Slides

Week Lecture (Tuesday) Exercise (Thursday)
15 Intro, Mass Spring Systems
16 Time Integration Mass Spring Systems
17 Rigid Body Simulation
18 Collisions
19 no lecture Rigid Body Simulation
20 Partial Differential Equations
21 Euler Fluids
22 Particle Fluids Fluid Simulation
23 Skeleton-Based Animation
24 Motion Tracking & Inverse Kinematics Skeletal Animation
25 no lecture
26 Face Animation
27 Avatar Creation Facial Animation
28 Elastic Solids
29 Conclusion Conclusion